Sunday 29 October 2017

Contemporary Painting Studio Week 3 and Big Draw Selfie

Week 3 of Contemporary Painting Studio  and I had a chance to talk to Lucinda first thing.  I converted several photographs into black and white with 'graphic pen ' filter in Photoshop and pinned them up on board along with the painted newspaper painting from the previous week. We discussed the benefits of collage  to quickly work out compositions   and she suggested doing 4 of the same subject on 1 sheet ( like for drawing development ) using different qualities of newspaper, magazines, continuing on from using random newspaper sections as background. Also not to necessarily cut out distinct shapes  such as breakwaters  but to build up layers where can paint over and suggest structures(letting the eye fill in.)

So I had a splendid time with a variety  of magazines ( interiors, furnishings and RA being particularly fruitful) tearing out black and white textures including curtains, furniture and Giacometti sculptures!
 Considering it's a painting class I spent more time glueing then anything else!
Very pleased with the results and thinking about it, a lot of my textile work involves collaging scraps of fabric . I'll definately be doing more and am considering a collage course next year. 

At lunchtime  I took part in the 'Big Draw Selfie' event in the foyer. They took a photo of your face on computer and projected it on  a piece of paper   and  you then drew round your features using charcoal. It was rubbed out between participants - I was number 59 so there were a lot of layers underneath. The final result was an animation of everybodies drawings 


Olga Norris said...

Your work with collage is interesting. Thanks for sharing these classes of yours. I was fascinated recently at a John Piper exhibition to see how many coastal scenes he made with collage techniques, ink, and paint.

Pheasant Run Studio said...

I love your collages. I'm quite fond of gluing paper.