Monday 27 November 2017

Double Glazing Installed

Although our house was only built in 2009, the wooden double glazing  was already deteriorating, particularly on the  back of house which is south facing . Earlier in the year  we had our back  wooden French door replaced with PVC double glazed version  as  bits  were falling off  ( still waiting for 6th visit to replace scratched pane but that's another story...) 

We'd originally thought we' d get the rest of the house done in 2021  with the lump sum from my work pension  but the state of  our bedroom windows on the top floor was  so shocking I didn't think they'd last that long ! So we bit the bullet and got quotes for  windows, new front door and replacement fascia boards  at the roofline which were also in a bad way.  We went for a local firm that our neighbours used last year. 

After 3  exhausting weeks  of  moving furniture around , taking stuff out to the garage, covering as much as we could with dust sheets , our replacement PVC double glazing has been installed. I'm currently waiting for the scaffolders  to arrive to dismantle the scaffolding which as you can see from the photo above  was extensive! 

It took 2 days to set up the scaffolding - they came on the Monday and left without letting me know  so I was a bit concerned  that it seemed a bit incomplete  considering  the fascia boards etc on the roofline were also being replaced.
But they came back the following day  to complete it - as we're end of terrace all this was needed so they could get at the roofline down the side of the building. We also lost  the signal from the Freeview satellite dish - you can see why as it's trapped between 2 lots of scaffolding boards.

 The work on the roofline took  a couple of days  working outside and they then started on the windows working from inside. I was wearing 2 fleeces  most of the time as it was bitterly cold  with  the  front door   left ajar for bringing frames in . At one point there was no door at all , nor a window in the front room ( below) ! 

The stack of   glazing units that had been removed grew ever  larger in the 'front garden' ( just as well we'd cut the bushes down to the ground)

 My studio was one of the last rooms to be done  so it acted as  a storage room for new units. 

It was also the first room I put back to rights, it looks unnaturally tidy . I'm resisting temptation to play however as there's still a lot of cleaning involved. I always forget that however careful workmen are, and however many dust sheets you use , building works always generates huge amounts of dust that gets everywhere
Still it was worth it - as Ian says, we won't have to do it again  and   last Wednesday when the wind and rain raged,  it was noticeably quieter.  

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