Sunday 11 February 2018

Contemporary Collage Week 3: Exquisite Corpse, Cut and Swap Hybrids

Week 3 and I brought in  secondhand books on Greek mythology and Australian Insects and Spiders. These along with   bits from magazines  provided the material for  playing ' consequences' ( or exquisite corpse) , swapping heads , bodies and legs or creating hybrids from unlikely subjects. We were shown examples from various artists, I  was particularly intrigued  by work of Hannah Hoch.  
Having gone down the more obvious route (examples  above) , as in previous weeks, I became intrigued by the negative shapes left when figures have been cut out    and spent the rest of the session exploring these 

 Here I  cut out a figure , cutting down through 3 pages and then swapped the figures around in  different backgrounds  including reverse of figures and pages.
Extending the red marks ( above), adding a Greek coin (below) 

I then repeated the process  cutting out 1 figure from 4 pages , flipping the figure over (above) , colouring in the space that was left ( below) 

Then using some of the negative shapes from the figures and  the reverse of a leftover Greek statue  I pieced the collage below , then did a rubbing (frottage )of it on tracing paper using graphite 

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