Friday 17 May 2019

EDAM Term 3 Week 3 " Meanwhile..." Making Connections

 I'm still doing my daily drawing  in A6  sketchbooks  and am beginning to use it to 'capture'  ideas  for EDAM "Meanwhile …"  project  such as fold out maps using photocopies with drawings on the back  ( above )  and stitching on  acetate  using my sewing machine ( below) , in this case testing out the effect of the different  stitches. I may well use  a similar technique for  next CQ Journal  Quilt as   for the next 4 we're  encouraged to use  materials other than cotton .   

And while I had my  sewing machine out, I sewed copies of photos onto graph paper ( above)  and painted papers with maps on the back ( below)  to make into accordion  books.  
 Unlike last  week when we had photos of  different artists approaches etc,  this week , with a different tutor Annie Attridge  we were just doing our own work.  We have a 'WhatsApp' group and before the class started there were messages pouring in with apologies for absence  from various  members of the group.  Those of  us that had turned up were  discussing  our  feelings of panic and inadequacy   (  like  pre exam nerves when you think you haven't done enough)  but Lucinda reassured us  that was what it was like for artists, it's normal  !   With only half the group , we had plenty of room to spread out ( I had 2 tables and  a large section of wall) and  we talked more among ourselves about  what we were doing  and  there was time for each of us to have a  useful tutorial with Annie. 
 I made the most of the wall space and opportunity to make a mess  and  thinking of the large scale drawing  session with Tony did 3 simultaneous  A1 charcoal drawings.

  On each  sheet of paper I drew a quick sketch from a tiny photo of the view from the train, rubbed it down  and did a second  of a different  view over the top  and then a third . I then  drew the interior of the train carriage , the edge of the window or the seat . After talking with Annie, she suggested  using a much darker line in ink   and more use of eraser to introduce a lighter tone , to define the difference  between interior and exterior.  
Definately something to explore further even if  none of them are finished works in themselves there are elements I like , eg the use of eraser to introduce idea of reflections  in glass  or  the speed of lines of wires  rushing by, the contrast between static  interior and motion of exterior . And those curves  are becoming a bit of a signature for me !   

 I also had the space to put up the  work I produced last week which I discussed  with Annie.  We agreed  the quick collage with  charcoal drawing over the top  ( below)   definately has potential   so I'll be doing more of those next week  ( minus the timetable, that element didn't work so well)  


 On a different scale , we discussed   the accordion  book structures I'd made with my stitched papers  ( above) ( and also the idea  of using the Moleskine planner)  but  she thought they were  bit  obvious, what she really liked was  the simplicity  of the  ink  drawings I'd been doing  based on drawings from maps.   

 So I've brought these home, cut them into  thinner strips and pleated them , ready to take on the train to  write in , draw on, stitch into.  There's obviously  something about the  strip  format    that I can't let go of at the moment , from 'Wind Me In the Sea"   to  my 'Grasmere Cloths'   ( below)  so I'm going with the flow ! 

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