Thursday 30 August 2007

The front room says its had enough

The stash finally has a new home! The move went smoothly - everything that wasn't obviously kitchen, garden or bedroom was placed in the front upstairs room that is destined to be my studio until one of the removal men pointed out that they couldn't squeeze any more in. We spent the Bank Holiday weekend cleaning and unpacking essentials and finding unexpected items ( the labelling rather went to pot towards the end of the packing process ).
We took some time off to explore the local area, especially around the canal - well we had to eat out as the fridge/freezer wasn't delivered until Tuesday.
Our new property dates from around 1905 and besides a working Edwardian fireplace complete with heat-crazed tiles, it still has the original stained glass in the upper panes of the front bay window.There's even a spare pane in the cellar, salvaged I guess when someone else had double glazing installed. I'm already planning the possibilities of installing Pojagi blinds below them based on the colours tho' I guess it will have to be nets in the interim.

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