Monday 20 August 2007

In the Spotlight

Just back after 4 days at the Festival of Quilts. I was thrilled to
see my piece 'Strindberg Shore' in such a prominent position
in the gallery space allocated to the QG 'In the Spotlight' exhibition. It was finished close to the deadline so I didn't have much opportunity to live with it before being sent off so I was more concerned with the disatisfaction of it not turning out as I'd hoped. Viewing it afresh I'm rather pleased with it - the biggest challenge was scaling up from experimental A4 pieces to something so large ( 80 x 130cm). Artists who's opinions I respect have been very kind with their comments so I feel confident in exploring these new techniques further.

I've been to FoQ every year ( including directly after my honeymoon!) but this is the first time I've gone for 4 days instead of 2. It makes a big difference in terms of pacing and contemplation, going back to pieces several times. I thought that I might do less impulse buying with time to consider purchases but I still spent a lot, all necessary supplies of course! The main difference was that I had the opportunity to take part in some workshops in the quilt academy, learning techniques , some more of interest than others (especially the shibori )

Now back to earth with a bump, packing things up for the move on Friday.

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