Monday 3 August 2009

Colour Catchers, Raspberry Ripple and Swine Flu

What I thought was just a virus when I was battling to finish my FOQ entry was diagnosed as 'Presumed Swine Flu' (as it says on the Doctors note) and both me and my husband are off work with it! We didn't get medication as we'd had it for several days before we felt bad enough to ring the doctor - we didn't have coughing and sneezing but most of the the other symptoms. We're much improved but still get very tired - I had to lie down for a couple of hours after mopping the bathroom. Serves me right for attempting housework! Looking forward to going back to work as we're getting a bit fed up of each others company especially as the hard drive on Ians computer has packed up and he's using mine. Thank goodness for internet shopping - Ocado has kept us well supplied. There will be a lot of catching up to do - our supposedly busy social schedule for July took a nose dive , missing Proms concerts, exhibitions and a visit to in-laws not to mention the work we had planned for the garden being put on hold. Being off work may seem the ideal opportunity to do some quilting but with low energy levels that hasn't happened, I've been wallowing in trashy fiction instead. I've progressed onto travel books so must be feeling better and I've started catching up with my sketchbook 'scrapbook' -I'm up to date on Journal Quilts now just need to document the stages of my FoQ entry.
So the BQL Challenge for August (half square triangles) is the perfect introduction back into stitching and I've completed it in record time! I decided to go back to using Colour Catchers as they were easily to hand. The boring greys are from our washing machine, the brighter colours a donation after I used/blogged about colour catchers in January (thanks Anne).
After I'd laid them out and sown them altogether in this diagonal pattern, I thought the back with the seams was more interesting so taking advantage of the non-fray qualities of Colour Catchers , this became the front.

To catch down the seam allowances I used a fancy stitch on my machine ( no 12 on Bernina Artista 125) with Maderia metallic and fluorescent polyneon thread.
I've named it 'Raspberry Ripple' as in the ice cream - it's years since I've had it, I'd probably find it too sweet now being a convert to Rookbeare Raspberry Sorbet (their passionfruit sorbet is pretty good too). No affiliation.


Olga Norris said...

Trashy novels really are chicken soup for the brain, aren't they? I hope that you pull out of sick sty soon.

jude said...

oh, ick, hope you feel better.
the colors here remind me of juice.

Sandra Wyman said...

You will be better for FOQ though, right? Hopefully sooner than that. Trying to beam positive thoughts your way.

Linda B. said...

Good to see you're feeling up to blogging again - hope your recovery accelerates from this point on!

Julie said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. Hope you are soon fully recovered.