Monday 5 January 2009

Colour Catcher Constructions

I've signed up for the BQL (British Quilt List) Challenge for 2009. This is for a perpetual calendar made up of 12 x 12 inch or A4 'Journal' pieces and the first design by Kandy Newton uses raw edge applique circles. Still being in recycling mode, I decided to use up some of my 'Colour Catcher' stash. These sheets have a similar quality to vilene or interfacing - a non-fraying, non- woven fabric with some of the absorbancy of paper ( and the tendency to show needle holes when stitched - no mistakes or 'unsewing' then !) I built up layers of circles using bondaweb and stitched the squares together with zig zag using variegated thread. Once layered up with wadding and backing and machine stitched, the circles were rather satisfying plump biscuits ( or sugared almond mis-shapes -Ian's suggestion). I thought they looked more like Lithops ( 'Living Stones' Cacti )It's not the first time I've used 'Colour Catchers' - I used them in my September Take it Further Challenge piece on lists, printing a scored out shopping list onto them using 'Photoshop'

Alas, neither of these pieces has made much of a dint in the stash, some of which is pictured above. The sheets are very efficient at 'grabbing' loose dye in clothes when washed. The main palette is greys (of a purplish tint) although I look forward to when Ian wears either his green or red Indian cotton shirts (before 'Colour Catchers' the result of washing was pink pants). The trouble is , as with many a stash, is in using it up rather than admiring it (especially with the more unusual colours - I know I'll be continually adding more greys).
At least it makes doing the washing more rewarding. Sometimes if the sheet folds up in the wash it 'dyes' unevenly , with a 'shibori' look. I also rather like the crumpled effect (this was lost in ironing on bondaweb, the resulting texture was more like a suede).

I've also found the 'colour catcher' sheets absorb paint well in monoprinting with acrylics. These examples are for extending and replacing sections of the piece I started in a Cas Holmes workshop. I wasn't happy with some of those printed on paper which have become even more crumpled after 18 months up on a design board - the colour catcher sheets seem like a good compromise


Linda B. said...

Love the roundness of these shapes - I didn't realise that the colour catchers would quilt so well!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Fascinating! I guess I'm going to have to buy and start using those so I'll have even more to play with! All the ways you've incorporated them in your work is so interesting.

Sue said...

..... then if you overdyed, printed, discharged them... or perhaps not! Happy New Year M. I look forward to seeing what else you produce in 2009. Its always interesting.

Aussie Jo said...

What a great effect, the colour catcher quilt looks sensational. I don't think we can buy them in Australia? I'll have to check at the supermarket.

Margaret Cooter said...

Subtle and lovely! You've certainly got away from the "fried egg" look ...!

Cda00uk said...

Thanks for the mini tutorial on using colour catchers. I have only just started using them and now I put them in every wash just to see how they turn out!

I wonder if you can use transfer dyes on them?