Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Colour Catcher Holes

I've often recycled scraps from previous projects into new work - my last TIF challenge JQ of 2008 was one such piece. I think I'll be returning to this subject in another post, sometimes these pieces seem to work better than the originals and I need to think why that is. I like the idea of honouring the traditions of quilting and scrap quilts while experimenting with new materials and techniques.Starting off the New Year recycling Colour Catchers in the BQL Calendar Challenge, I was left with fragments of CC backed with bondaweb where I'd cut out the circles so decided to use the 'holes' up too in this 12 x 12 inch piece
Searching for a suitable background to apply them to , I decided to use this acrylic painting of Gordale Scar that's I'd done on a piece of old tatty Durham quilt- it had been an interesting experiment but not going anywhere.

The circular shapes reminded me of the stones at the base of the rock but the overall effect is looking through leaves or perhaps a waterfall towards the landscape (the original sketches at Gordale had been done sheltering under an overhanging rock)

Interesting possibilities in exploring further the use positive and negative shapes. I'll also be experimenting more with Colour Catchers - my stash has been considerably enhanced with the generous donation of more of these, including some very dark and colourful specimens.


Eva said...

At first glance I thought you had used reflecting material like metallic balloons or so. I's amazing! Or I think of small reflecting puddles... There is something inexplicable about it that makes the mind work feverishly.

Julie said...

I really like this method Mags - it took me a minute to work out what you had done.

BOTTLEPR said...

Mags, your work is so beautiful. I've only just started reading your blog and I'm blown away by your work. Do you ever exhibit?

Carole Scott

Helen Suzanne said...

oo oo I love this already :D, and I like the recycling angle too