Thursday, 13 June 2019

A Summer of Exhibiting

 If it's  been a bit quiet  here it's because I've  been busy working towards  ' Meanwhile...' exhibition from EDAM  course. Only a couple of weeks to go ( RK Burt Gallery, 2-4  July) and the postcard/PV invitation has been printed and I'm thrilled  that  one of my  map tracing experiments were used on the back.  I'm still  working out how I'm going to display  them , it could go to wire...( but then  I've always needed a deadline to focus the mind)   
 And suddenly ( or should that be meanwhile?!)  there's a lot of other opportunities over the summer to show  my work .  Today I went  Creek Creative  to see   Open Exhibition on the theme  of ' The Journey'   and was pleased to see they'd hung  both of the pieces  I produced while on CQ retreat  in  Grasmere ( still haven't blogged about that but I did write a short article for the newsletter).  It's on until 23rd June, some interesting work on show and I highly recommend the cafĂ©.   
Looking forward to  exhibiting there in September  with  CQ Kent group 'Edgy Stitchers'.  

 Also on  in the first week of July ( 4th to 7th)    is   the 'Other Art Fair'  and I hope to squeeze in a visit  , particularly  so I can see the  artworks produced for the "Tiny Sketchbook Project"  
 Initially dismayed  by just how small it was and the very thin paper, in the end I really enjoyed  making "The Tiny Islands of Sewing Land"  and stitching it on the train. The poor quality  of the paper proved an advantage when I took rubbings of the stitching.  
  My contribution to the 7th European Quilt Triennial " Wind me in the  Sea" ( also mainly stitched on the train)  is currently being exhibited  ( until 30 October)  at Textile Zentrum Haslach,  Austria . The catalogue has been reproduced online here  and the exhibition has been promoted as one of the highlights of  the European Textile Network conference in July.  I'll have to wait until next year  to see it, hopefully at Festival of Quilts 2020.

 I visited  the quilt show at Hever   several times  over the years , sometimes with Ian (  the sloe gin we made from sloes gathered walking back to the train  we labelled 'Hever' ). This show is sadly no more but a new event  has been initiated  this year  at Lullingstone Castle . The organisers  wanted to showcase as many quilts as possible  so it seemed a good opportunity  to  show  an old favourite  ''City Girls Dream of the Sea' ( above)   which I hand stitched 20 years ago recovering from surgery ( sadly it's too big to   display in our current house)   Also to finally show 'Indigo Mine'  which was in the Salon Des Refuses for the CQ at 10 exhibition.
 Finally, I don't have anything in this years  Festival of Quilts  in August but I'm delighted that 'Birchington Breakwaters"  was selected for SAQA 'Made In Europe 3' .  It will  open at the West Country Quilt and Textile show in Bristol  29-31  August . It's a really nice show so a good excuse to go - on my own this time  as it's on at the same time as  the  Hop Festival .  After Bristol , the exhibition will tour to venues in France, Netherlands and Germany in 2020.  

Friday, 17 May 2019

EDAM Term 3 Week 3 " Meanwhile..." Making Connections

 I'm still doing my daily drawing  in A6  sketchbooks  and am beginning to use it to 'capture'  ideas  for EDAM "Meanwhile …"  project  such as fold out maps using photocopies with drawings on the back  ( above )  and stitching on  acetate  using my sewing machine ( below) , in this case testing out the effect of the different  stitches. I may well use  a similar technique for  next CQ Journal  Quilt as   for the next 4 we're  encouraged to use  materials other than cotton .   

And while I had my  sewing machine out, I sewed copies of photos onto graph paper ( above)  and painted papers with maps on the back ( below)  to make into accordion  books.  
 Unlike last  week when we had photos of  different artists approaches etc,  this week , with a different tutor Annie Attridge  we were just doing our own work.  We have a 'WhatsApp' group and before the class started there were messages pouring in with apologies for absence  from various  members of the group.  Those of  us that had turned up were  discussing  our  feelings of panic and inadequacy   (  like  pre exam nerves when you think you haven't done enough)  but Lucinda reassured us  that was what it was like for artists, it's normal  !   With only half the group , we had plenty of room to spread out ( I had 2 tables and  a large section of wall) and  we talked more among ourselves about  what we were doing  and  there was time for each of us to have a  useful tutorial with Annie. 
 I made the most of the wall space and opportunity to make a mess  and  thinking of the large scale drawing  session with Tony did 3 simultaneous  A1 charcoal drawings.

  On each  sheet of paper I drew a quick sketch from a tiny photo of the view from the train, rubbed it down  and did a second  of a different  view over the top  and then a third . I then  drew the interior of the train carriage , the edge of the window or the seat . After talking with Annie, she suggested  using a much darker line in ink   and more use of eraser to introduce a lighter tone , to define the difference  between interior and exterior.  
Definately something to explore further even if  none of them are finished works in themselves there are elements I like , eg the use of eraser to introduce idea of reflections  in glass  or  the speed of lines of wires  rushing by, the contrast between static  interior and motion of exterior . And those curves  are becoming a bit of a signature for me !   

 I also had the space to put up the  work I produced last week which I discussed  with Annie.  We agreed  the quick collage with  charcoal drawing over the top  ( below)   definately has potential   so I'll be doing more of those next week  ( minus the timetable, that element didn't work so well)  


 On a different scale , we discussed   the accordion  book structures I'd made with my stitched papers  ( above) ( and also the idea  of using the Moleskine planner)  but  she thought they were  bit  obvious, what she really liked was  the simplicity  of the  ink  drawings I'd been doing  based on drawings from maps.   

 So I've brought these home, cut them into  thinner strips and pleated them , ready to take on the train to  write in , draw on, stitch into.  There's obviously  something about the  strip  format    that I can't let go of at the moment , from 'Wind Me In the Sea"   to  my 'Grasmere Cloths'   ( below)  so I'm going with the flow ! 

Monday, 13 May 2019

EDAM term 3: ''Meanwhile..." First explorations

  In the second session of EDAM this term looking  at theme of 'Meanwhile....', after  going through the slides of  different approaches by various artists to research ( see previous blogpost ), I had a discussion with Amanda  about  my initial thoughts and ideas .  After  taking lots of photos from the train and having an initial stab at a 'mindmap'  , I was in a lot better position to talk about it than the previous week.  As usual ,  too many ideas  but we discussed  what could be done at home and what to focus on  while in the class.  I  thought I'd like to do more monoprinting but that was something to do quietly at home ( or review what I had already) and what the classroom offered was opportunity to be messy with charcoal and  work large!   

 She suggested   working on a collaged  background  of maps / squared paper -   until I could get to the photocopier all that was available was copies of a map of India  but it served it's purpose  in combinations with sections of the rail timetable.  and I quickly  drew in charcoal over the top to indicate the seat and window and some of the   scenery flashing by

 At home, I   did some different versions  in Photoshop .  It occurs to me that the curves remind me of  the influence of  the catenary paintings of Jasper John  on my paintings based on collage .

After lunch and a session  with the photocopier  I used  collage of the map for the train route in combination with photos taken out of the window  with drawings in  ink of the seats and their reflections  in the window when in 'Tunnel Land' . Too much  going on  and I over-thought it  but it has possibilities  for further exploration , perhaps on a larger scale or cutting it up and reassembling ?

 I also had a go with tracing onto acetate   the section of the map around Gravesend and Ebbsfleet where the train goes under the Thames .I then used the overhead projector  to draw it A1  size ( below) , getting a different quality using graphite stick.  When I posted it  on Instagram , there was a comment    saying it looked like bones  and was I considering archaeology as part of the brief . So now I'm re-reading about the Ebbsfleet Elephant!  

I've scanned the acetate and been playing with different filters in Photoshop ( above) 

Also on acetate, I traced  on a different scale the  whole route from Faversham to St Pancras  ( above) and scanned the stitching  on acetate I'd done with Ruth ( below)  - I like how you can see  both the front and back at the same time. 

 I showed Amanda  the 2010 Moleskine 'Pocket Project Planner'  notebook I bought  cheaply in 2011  to modify as  a sketchbook (  realising the demand for such  items  they now  sell 'proper'  Japanese Accordion albums ). During  our discussions  we realised it's potential  with its printed details of charts  etc of  considering 'Time ' as one  aspect to consider  further - exciting!

  The  'Zine'  book I produced  using photocopies of monoprints   was something I wished to explore further  in any case.

After all this thinking and cogitatating , tomorrow I'm planning to have a 'play day'  in my studio sampling  different  approaches, including getting my sewing machine out!