Friday 8 March 2013

Daily Art Colour Catchers at Rydal

Besides working on my green door and journal quilts and sketching, I also continued my daily(ish) art colour catcher series based on my surroundings. I'd come prepared with bondaweb backed colour catchers in various colours that I could cut out and stick on as well as crayons and my snarl of perle threads I've been dipping into for stitching.
From the top:
Applique colour catchers inspired by textile sculpture
Rubbing in crayon of the tiles in my bedroom
Applique colour catchers of stones in Rydal Falls
Crayon rubbing of applique of stones
Stitched landscape outline
Crayon rubbing of stitching
Back of stitching
Another rubbing of stitching

Interested in pursuing the 'Chinese whisper' effect of making rubbings of stitch , stitching into thsose and then taking a rubbing etc etc

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