Sunday 10 March 2013

The View from Room 32

My favourite location for  sketching was my  bedroom on the top floor.
I was spellbound on the first  morning,  only just making it to breakfast on time as the sun gradually crept  down the mountainside, areas in shadow gradually getting lit up , first the trees on the left then the right, then the whole area turning  from purple to orange. Total magic! I took lots of photos through and of the balustrade and managed a pencil sketch. The second morning I was a bit more organised and had my mint tin watercolour box in my handbag so I could colour in my sketch.

The third morning I set my alarm and had my shower before the sun rose ( those of you who know me well will find the idea of me doing something before my first coffee extraordinary!) and was armed  with  several sketchbooks and my proper watercolour box.  


I came back to my room at midday to change into my walking gear and the view was different again, with the colours and shapes of the balustrade more pronounced.


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