Sunday 10 March 2013

Morandi -Lines of Poetry

When I went to the WEFT exhibition at SOAS a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a leaflet about an exhibition of Morandi etchings ( very stitch-like) at the Estorick Collection in Canonbury Square. Researching it further, found it had received some excellent reviews here, here , and here.
I visited on Friday  - it's an absolute gem of a place with a wonderful Italian Cafe.  I get into most exhibitions for free with my staff pass (as a member of Consortium of Museums and Galleries). On this occasion I had to pay so perhaps  appreciated it more - I spent a couple of hours looking very closely at the marks and cross hatching, making notes in my sketchbook, slightly marred by an elderly Morandi fan telling me I was not drawing properly!! Bought the exhibition catalogue  and have ordered a couple more books too.
Perhaps she would be reassured to know I signed up for  an art class on 19th April for a Morandi-inspired still life, looking at the techniques he used.
There was a subtitled  documentary  on Morandi on show which gave a fascinating glimpse into his life and surroundings - and an excuse not to dust ( most of the bottles he used had years accumulations!)

On Saturday ventured by bus to Landmark Arts Centre for the annual Contemporary Textile Fair. Always good to catch up with various  people. This year I was particularly taken with the atmospheric work of artist Debbie Lyddon.


Roberta Warshaw said...

I love that about Morandi and his dusty bottles. You can really feel the dust in his paintings.

Margaret Cooter said...

The Estorick is the gallery nearest to me (geographically) and yet I "forget" to go there - thanks for the reminder! Yes the hatching is like stitching... very tempting, very time-consuming!