Friday 15 March 2013

Indigo Journal Quilts

This year for the CQ Journal Quilt Challenge the size is 12 x 8 inches landscape format  and you choose the theme for the year yourself (the list is amazingly diverse). My theme for the year is indigo, with the intention of using the JQ's as studies and trials for larger pieces. In addition, as the colour will unite them, they'll  display well as a set at the end of the year. I first started making Journal quilts in 2003 so this is my 11th year! They've built up into an interesting collection. 

For January, a strip of arashi shibori dyed muslin was placed over a piece of arashi shibori dyed silk and stitched with hand dyed sashiko threads. I like how the semi transparency adds to the sense of movement, with the underlying fabrics partially seen. I'm putting together a much larger project based on this at the moment!

The fabric I used for February was the result of wrapping silk dupion around a bath outlet tube and tying thread tightly in the grooves. White quilting thread and hand dyed sashiko threads were used in a lot of hand stitching to emphasise the wonderful marks

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Julie said...

Fascinating effects with both the indigo and the stitching you've used Mags. Thank you for the link to the bath tube, it did make me chuckle though. It's not often you go to a textile blog post and follow a link to a plumbing page :-) Good idea to use the tubing though.