Monday 16 November 2009

Sewing Circles

Saturday we had an outing up to town to see Moctezuma exhibition at the British Museum ( and for me to stock up on some art materials at Cornelissons) As we came out of Tottenham Court Road tube station, the rain was horizontal and we decided to dry out first over lunch at Savoir Faire. ( our favourite place to eat in Central London). Having visited museums in Mexico City , the exhibition didn't interest me so much as it did Ian. More to my taste is a printing course associated with the poster exhibit' Revolution in Paper'
Sunday was spent catching up with my backlog of Journal Quilts, starting off with the current challenge for BQL - Drunkards path based on circles. I've enjoyed acquiring new skills ( and revising old ones) through these monthly challenges - this month I had a go for the first time with invisible thread and the applique foot on my sewing machine ( tho' I gave up on invisible thread and went for the 'rustic' look' )

Someone had given a link to this method of making circles by wrapping fabric and template in foil and pressing with iron- magic!

Drunkards Path A
Drunkards Path B

I spend an absorbing half hour trying out different layouts of 'Drunkards Path' - which do you prefer, A or B?


Sandra Wyman said...

Love the colours and thanks for the link - one of these techniques that's absolutely spot on and so simple (once somebody else has thought of it for you!) I think I prefer A!

Julie said...

I'm with Sandra, Mags, I prefer A, it has more rhythm and movement.

lisette said...

they both look amazing and slightly reminiscent of one's insides :) but, on balance i think A too.

thanks for the tip about the circles and foil - i think i'll give that a try

neki desu said...

to me A looks more dynamic and less predictable