Thursday 18 February 2010

Inspired by Die Tunisreise

Ordering another leather sketchbook from the diary shop to fill with watercolour paper, I was looking again at my sketches from Tunisia. I was heavily influenced in the 2 images of Kairouan backstreets above by looking through 'Die Tunisreise' kindly lent by Margaret before my trip. ( I've since sourced my own copy!) . This features the work of artists Paul Klee, August Macke and Louis Moilliet on their painting trip to Tunisia in 1914, a milestone in modern painting. I've long been a fan of Paul Klee, what was new to me in this book were all the drawings and photographs of locations and awareness of the work of Louis Moilliet.

Of the 3 artists, it is the work of August Macke (above) which seems to best capture the spirit of Tunisia - many of the locations don't seem to have changed that much, just different clothes and the addition of satellite dishes!


neki desu said...

the macke watercolors are stunning. thanks for sharing!

JP said...

these are just so hot!!!!