Monday 31 January 2011

Grass Cuttings

 I took a quilt into work today and hung it on the wall - it looks at home above a spreadsheet of 140  threatened mosses needing conservation action. I moved desks a couple of weeks ago after nearly 15 years in an office that also serves as the tea-room. Somehow I never felt like hanging anything up there  but now, despite being  tucked into a corner of the main lab, it feels a more personal space. 
The quilt is  titled 'Grass Cuttings', companion piece to 'Grass Clippings' (below) which was selected for 'Fabric of Nature' exhibition at Nature in Art Museum and Gallery, Gloucester in 2004. It then went onto Festival of Quilts in 2005, and Yusa-Machi in Japan in 2006.
 They were both made from the scraps leftover from a double size bed quilt started in an Alison Schwabe workshop at 'La Maison du Patchwork'. Now I've got my Pfaff Grandquilter that may even get quilted and put into action!
I was so pleased with the effect of these 2 scrap quilts that I attempted the same technique when CQ had the 'Fissures' challenge. But it never got off the ground - far harder to manufacture scraps than you might think!

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Cate Rose said...

Both beautiful quilts!