Tuesday 11 January 2011

Translucent Booklets

Results of  creative time on Sunday - inspired by pages made for Sketchbook Project, drawing multiple viewpoints of the 'Taplow Vase' on tracing paper and different cotton organdies , making them up into 'secret books'. Cutting holes produced interesting effects and I'll try stitched lines next and perhaps some different translucent papers? I can feel an expedition to Falkiners coming on......
Whilst taking photographs of the booklets yesterday morning  distracted by a glorious 'red sky in the morning -shepherds's warning' - well it did pour down in the evening.
Also on Sunday finally got round to taking a picture in situ of my stocking present to Ian - bunting made of alligator fabric above the bookshelf he uses for his Amazon Marketplace 'SNAPUPBOOKS' . Got enough fabric left to cover those folders.

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