Tuesday 13 December 2011

Neolithic Mark-Making

 It's difficult to describe the  almost visceral pleasure of looking round the prehistoric galleries at the Museum of London which we visited before a performance of Belshazzars Feast at the Barbican. The concert itself was amazing - over 100 members of choir and  a large orchestra with 2 brass sections in the gallery behind  giving  full on surround sound.
 What I love about all these flint and stone axes is that you can see the marks that made them (there was a video of flint knapping although I'm not sure they had beer towels in the Neolithic.... ) . A first glance they  look very similar then you see each one is individual - a bit like Judy's reverse applique dots which I'm itching to have a go at , I like the irregularity of Deb's version.
Many of the items, including this pot  were from the Thomas Layton Collection , collected  from in and around the Thames at Brentford - the local connection making these objects feel  personal.
The archeologists can tell a lot about the maker by the marks - apparently this pot shard was decorated by a women with long fingernails!
I wonder what these stitch marks say about me? 

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Alex said...

That you have a subtle eye for colour!