Tuesday 27 December 2011

Xmas Traditions

 We've established our own traditions associated with Christmas Hibernation : a selection of pickles to have with the cold ham on Boxing day (perhaps 7 was a  bit excessive ....) These are eaten with jacket potatoes after a walk along the canal to the Fox in Hanwell for  a couple of pints of real ale ('Polar Express' and 'Roasted Nuts' ).Ian tries very hard not to say 'What about the weir?'  ( the piece I started 2 years ago but gave up on) but he can't resist.

 We put together stocking presents for each other - I always have to include a wind up toy, this year a speedy snail, and I always receive a couple of Baileys Miniatures. Books feature heavily in both as does Green and Blacks Chocolate.
These are opened while munching crumpets with brandy butter and bacon wrapped dates, washed down with bucks fizz and coffee.
We're now into our creative days - Ian on the computer setting up his own blog and me painting in the mornings, sewing in the afternoon. 3 more days of this - bliss!!Then  a gradual acclimatization to the world outside with tickets booked for Saturday for Grayson Perry exhibition at the British Museum with lunch at Savoir  Faire.
Hope you're all enjoying your own festivities

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Jane Housham said...

I love all your special things so much. Wonderful.