Wednesday 9 January 2013

Daily Art -the First Week

I've been thinking about a daily art project for a while, I did it for a month a few years ago  and have been inspired by the examples of   Kathy Loomis, Uta Lenk  and others on this site   and  partly spurred  on by recent drawing  classes where I could visibly see improvements due to regular practice.
I've decided to use a colour catcher a day in some way. Apart from recycling, they are versatile and lend themselves to  a variety of different techniques and  materials including stitch
I've also got an awful lot of them despite using them for various projects:I've drawn on them with neocolour crayons;  scribbled on them with biro a la Boetti; collaged with fabric scraps while on retreat responding to local landscape; used  inkjet printing and stitch  for 'Distressed Doors' sketchbook project and for Shinkansen based on photos taken at speed from a train.

 Rather than using them as part of of a larger project (like  Margaret Cooter  and her  'Journey to the Studio' ) , at this stage I think I  might fold  each in half and make a monthly stab-stitched book  but I'm not aiming to set rules just see how it goes. I've already had to  adapt  as after a few days of drawing tree rings, the lurgy settled on my chest  and with a temperature of over 38 C , retired to bed. I rallied a bit yesterday and caught up on the previous 3 days with a bit of frottage using crayons   (the results  look vaguely like cells!)
I've now got an ear infection so perhaps that might form the inspiration (it wouldn't be the first time...)

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Kathleen Loomis said...

Good for you! I hope you love your project as much as I have loved my various daily art endeavors.