Wednesday 2 January 2013

David Nash Cork Structures

Back at work today and Kew is heaving with families enjoying themselves thanks to the '12 Days of Christmas' Free Entry offer. Still a couple of days to take advantage. It's much quieter behind the scenes as most people are still on leave.
One of the highlights of 2012 was having the ongoing sculpture installations of David Nash on site. I go past the Nash Conservatory (no relation!)  every day and as soon as the Cork Spire was installed in October I took Ian along to see it ( not just for scale)

It was assembled surprisingly quickly from this stash of cork bark sections  - there was scaffolding and someone blancing on a nifty-lift placing things in position.

It makes a wonderful companion piece in a different scale to the Cork Dome
I love how the colours have changed in just a few months
I wish I could afford this print which sums  up  the textures and shapes so well.


Jill said...

You may not be able to afford the print, but it looks ripe for a textile interpretation!

Nina Marie said...

ohhh interesting interesting!! Wood here is almost as precious as fabric since its my husband's passion. I'm quite sure that he gets more excited to see new logs out in someone's yard more than I do when I find a new source of fabric! Still he does make pretty stuff with all that - LOL - Off the Wall is still open through Sunday if you care to link up - great post!

Bonnie Hull said...

Boy these cork constructions are fantastic...(as are your interpretations, of course)...