Sunday 27 April 2014

Indigo Evening in Elounda

Last night, at the Lotus Eaters in Elounda, Crete, a wonderful meal of aubergine dip, followed by lamb and a chocolate and rosemary tart rounded off with a metaxa and Greek coffee watching Spinalonga peninsula turn through various shades of indigo to an absolute pitch black ( not used to that after brown london skies). We enjoyed our meal so much we're going back tomorrow for my birthday having ordered a special lamb leg that will be cooking all afternoon. 

Earlier in the day we'd head over to the peninsula , after a lesiurely lunch of leftovers from  dinner the night before at Mam's( my portion was ginormous and also very tired from an early start tho staying at Gatwick the night before is definately the way to go ) . Lovely evening light as we walked by the old salt pans with remnants of the old windmills. 

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