Wednesday 9 September 2015

Pressing and Drawing Plants

After saying yesterday  that I would be drawing ' little treasures' from my collection,  what grabbed my attention this afternoon was the  cobnuts that  Ian brought back from Faversham Hop Festival ( he also bought delicious Discovery apples)
 I did  set the time for 30 minutes and only overran by 5, working in the  14cm  square sketchbook I took to Portland. I started with Sepia superfine PITT artist pen then switched to 2H/2B  pencil
 Also this afternoon I pressed some more plants  for future 'ecodyeing'  using  my homemade herbarium plant press  that worked a treat earlier in the year.  Consists of 2 wire cake racks with alternating layers of corrugated cardboard interleaved with folded sections of newspaper, kept taut with 2 car roof rack straps ( they're rather  too long but can be tied round for extra tightening)

And if this  pressing  and drawing flowers sounds rather like  activities of an Edwardian lady ( in keeping with this house), it contrasts  with a hi-tech morning  at the dentist  where I watched  fascinated  as my CEREC  tooth cap  was chiselled from a block of  porcelain  working from a 3D  computer drawing. A different kind of ceramic sculpture! 


Evergreen Mo said...

Like your ecopress. I end up with big bulldog clips holding everything together and some heavy art books on top. Your idea looks better

Sue said...

Hope you used the cob nuts afterwards.