Sunday 4 September 2016

Festival of Quilts 2016 : Linear Structures

I'd forgotten I still had a draft  on FoQ still to post!  One of the trends that interests me is the move to having more structural works or those that aren't a traditional rectangle. This  was more evident in the white wall gallery spaces , it doesn't fit in so well in the competition categories apart from 'quilt creations'  which is a bit of a mixed bag and doesn't tend to show work to best advantage.
I particularly liked how  Cas Holmes work in the Art Textile : Made in Britain   gallery reflected the shapes and folds of the landscapes that inspired it.  

Sarah Welsby's work is always interesting  and  her piece in the Art Quilt Masters was displayed on a plinth which gave it a sculptural presence, being able to  look at it from multiple viewpoints.

Terry Donaldson's piece in the   Quilters Guild challenge (176)  was simple but effective made up of several varying  lengths and widths of different textures, a personal response to walking on the beach.

Back in the Art Textiles:Made in Britain gallery , I liked the combination by Jenny Rolfe  of her  neat orderly quilt  with Thermofax printed images of the Colesseum contrasted with the  more organic form next to it made of the offcuts.  

In the gallery showing work by the 'Quinary' textile art group, I liked the stitched African strip cloth of Jean Kirk referencing old pathways ( and the shadows they cast)  and the loops of silk cloth.  
I've had the idea for a long time of making  'winding cloths'  of meaningful scraps and offcuts  ( a sort of linear travellers blanket) and I now how more idea  about how I might construct them.


Debbie said...

Thanks for another interesting FoQ blog. Great for those of us who didn't go. I love long linear work as well.

Judy Martin said...

Thank you for sharing what you have seen. It's very helpful and inspiring.