Sunday 7 May 2017

Greek Orchids and other wildlife

A week ago  we  had just landed back at Heathrow  (1/2 an hour early) after a fantastic week in Gythion in the far South of Greece.   I posted photos every day on Facebook ( people probably got bored of all the sunrise shots but I didn't!)   but life having taken over again and Ian being off sick with a horrible bug  I haven't had much of  a chance to select ones to blog about

I'd thought I'd start off with the flowers, particularly the orchids which we saw in abundance.  It took me several days to work out that surprisingly my phone took better pictures than my camera in low light levels - I have lots of blurred shots of Anacamptis and Serapias which I'm not going to share with you!  
The last day's walk was the highlight, walking up the Anavriti Gorge. Saw literally hundreds of  Orchis quadripunctata which despite its name, more usually has 2 spots rather than 4. Mixed in with Cyclamen  they were a spectacular sight, photos just don't do them justice.

Orchis italica

At least 5 different Ophrys species ( above)

Aceras anthropophrum

Neotinia maculata (in fruit)

Birthday orchid spotter

Dactylorhiza romana (probably)

Lots of wildlife around - spiders, petal-eating beetles, birds of prey and heard cuckoos

But it's that magical combination of  pink cyclamen and orchids in profusion  that will remain with me for a very long time.

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