Tuesday 31 December 2019

A Year of Daily Drawing

My favourite  spreads  from  each month  of a year of daily drawing  starting in January  with the #30daysketchbookchallenge. Plants recorded  from the garden; textile experiments , pieces of cloth and cakes were regular  subjects  and I've used a variety of techniques from drawing with pen; watercolours; collage;  stitch and photos of larger drawings and paintings.  My drawing has definately improved over the year , that's not to say that  everything was a wonderful piece of art , far from it, but each day was a fresh start.  

 I used Seawhite Eco A6  sketchbooks which contain 150g recycled cartridge paper , thick enough to withstand a light watercolour wash. I've  bought 12 more  to do the same next year
The last drawing of 2019 , looking forward to a new year, new decade and a new challenge, startting with the prompts of #30daysketchbook20


The Idaho Beauty said...

Impressive proof of sticking with a daily habit. I can't seem to go longer than a month before I'm distracted and fall out of the practice! Happy New Year!!!

magsramsay said...

Happy New Year to you too! Working in individual A6 sketchbooks helped and not being too worried if I missed a day or just stuck something in.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I agree that those things definitely help sustain a daily practice. Before December arrived and with it preparations that diverted me from the daily sketching I'd started after Inktober, I chose a sketchbook I'd quit using because I didn't like the paper (a very thin moleskin placed within a lovely leather cover so I can trade it out eventually). I decided it would be perfect for quick daily sketches done in pencil and if I was feeling frisky, with added colored pencils. Chose a month's worth of prompts that appealed to me and set a rule that I had to draw from memory. When I draw from life or a photo I spend entirely too much time! These little sketches rarely took more than ten minutes and no pressure for them to be any kind of good, truly just exercises. I need to find another set of prompts and get back to it!