Monday 21 January 2008

Sewing Desk

Next stage of sorting out the studio space/playroom was assembling the sewing desk. Again a donation from Sue and Peter (along with 1 drawer version that Ian has as a computer table in his den). The desks were in their storage for 6 months in parts ( along with the wardrobe) and they offered to come and assemble them for us. And very grateful we were as at times even they couldn't follow the instructions they'd written. At one tricky point, with difficult to access screws, I asked Peter whether he wanted a 'short chubby one' meaning screwdriver but we all dissolved in laughter as realised it could just as well apply to myself!

The desk is very substantial wood 195 x 80 cm. The height of the legs is adjustable ( not without some effort- its very heavy). Although it is in theory set at the ideal height for sewing, its a bit lower that the built-in work surface I had at my previous flat. I've had a test run using my machine and I have to position my pedal foot further back than previously. Probably much better position and posture but it'll take a bit of getting used to. Perhaps I'll even have a go with the knee lift which I've never really got on with.
What I was sewing was some test pieces to paint over with acrylics. It'll be a first for that too in this property, I've just realised I haven't done any painting since July apart from some watercolour sketches and getting a bit twitchy. The pieces on my cork board are my selection of 5 for exhibiting from CQ Journal Quilt 2007 Challenge. I'm still debating whether to join in the 2008 challenge as the format is 12 x 12 inches rather than A4. I could end up doing 3 JQ's a month with TIF as well!

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Linda B. said...

....and if your TIF were also your CQ JQ would anyone mind? APart from the codebreakers that is!