Thursday 31 January 2008

TIF January Finished

As I couldn't decide which of my Manipulated Moores to use for January TIF challenge, I decided to use 2 and make a double sided piece. I changed the palette of colours using Photoshop 7 indexed colour, printed the 'Madonna' onto a silk/cotton gauze and the 'Hill' onto cotton poplin. I used bondaweb to stick a cutout of the sculpture onto a cotton background. In both cases the colours in the printing were not the same as on the screen ( which were accurate as the Pantone numbers had been used). And the colours look different again when photographed. I made a sandwich of the 2 images on their backgrounds and then stitched with Oliver Twist cottons ( same colour in bobbin and top thread) first outlining the Hill in light green then flipping and stitching round the Madonna in purple. I continued alternating sides for stitching and changing threads until I was reasonably satisfied ( well don't expect experiments to be wholly satisfactory first time)
I'm happier with the 'Hill' side as the stitching shows up better on the simpler shape. I also like the effect of a figure superimposed on an abstract scupltural background although the subtlety of the drawing has been lost . More exploration required


Linda B. said...

Very interesting ... I can see twelve months worth of explortion here, at least! There is something quite primaeval about the figure appearing on the hillside. I hope you continue to explore this idea.

verobirdie said...

The way you have made the quilting on both sides is very interesting.
And the madonna is beautiful.

Angela said...

Your TIF pieces are wonderful, very interesting and thought provoking