Friday 18 January 2008

Sorting the Stash, Part 1

Yesterday, the guys from Nolte came to assemble the wonderfully large 3 door wardrobe kindly donated by Sue and Peter as it was too big for their new house. As a Northern Girl in Exile, it was refreshing be teased by the Yorkshire men ('' You''ll need a stepladder for that Love'') even if I do come from the other side of the Pennines.
In my loft space in the previous property('the love nest') my most accessible fabric selection was stored on its edge in wooden boxes on Ikea's 'Ivar' wooden shelving, filed by colour. Needless to say I had numerous other bags and boxes of fabric and associated paraphernalia. For the move, this was all stored in various size plastic stacking boxes which was quite convenient as could see the contents but inevitably what was needed was at at the bottom of the pile.
I've just been sorting out some of these boxes into the 10 large wire baskets, separating for the first time the silk from the cotton and am editing out the more obviously floral for charity shop/ sale. I've always been keen on recycling fabrics - my clothes and offcuts from dressmaking, finds from jumble sales and charity shops. The problem is that on the whole these have been filed separately from my main stash and use of them has been varied and less than I'd like. As part of the restocking/re-stacking process I'm now trying to incorporate some of these treasures and also get rid of a lot.
Next problem is how to dispose of the sleeves, trouser legs, collars etc. Recycling green bin, rubbish? And then how do I edit and store all my art equipment and art folders and what about all the stuff that's coming out of store. Aghhh......


The WestCountryBuddha said...

Your new wardrobe looks like a brilliant idea for fabric. Did it come with the baskets or did you put them in? Is it Ikea? (I'm being nosy but am on the cusp of a sort out myself and am wondering where to put all my stuff.)

Linda B. said...

Don't thow those sleeves - I've been told recently of a bag bought at the V&A made from a recycled gents suit. The sleeves were a major part of the design.

magsramsay said...

Annabel - unfortunately its not Ikea but expensive Nolte Mobel that was too big for my friends new house when they moved. The wire baskets are substantial - have to be careful with loading of lighter weight ones. If I hadn't inherited it, I probably would have gone back to having wooden boxes on Ivar shelving.
Linda - if you want them you can have them! Nice idea but its too easy to find excuses for keeping stuff. I'm trying to be a bit more disciplined as my stash is extensive ( and I know there's even more coming out of storage)