Saturday 23 February 2008


Since the trip to Iran I've been thinking of getting a digital SLR camera. I've finally succumbed to a Pentax K100D - a good price, excellent reviews and even takes the lenses from my faithful Pentax Super A. For many years I took just 35mm slides but discovered the delights of digital soon after I bought my PC and have been gradually moving up the compact scale. I've been pleased with my Canon powershot A610 but at times in Iran was frustrated by its performance particularly at low light levels and in museums. Seeing the kit (and results) of some keen photographers on the trip made me want to return to SLR and I've been having fun today trying it out. I'm a bit concerned there appeared to be a mark on the pictures in the same place when I loaded the images up on the PC- have to look at the manual in more detail tomorrow and see how the dust removal function works! My first exploratory shots were of the cranes on the GWQ building site in Brentford which I pass every day on my way into work. It made a change to see them at rest instead of whizzing about. I then made some alterations in Photoshop, in some cases applying filter upon filter so it bore little resemblance to the original. It's important to experiment (=play!)
Cropped, minor alterations in contrast, brightness and saturation

As above with filter 'palette knife' applied.

As above with colour balance altered


Linda B. said...

I agree, the playing part is essential! Enjoy your new camera.

Helen said...

oo like the palette knife filter on it. Like you I enjoy the SLR type of camera and love my fujifilm one (even though I could do with more megapixies in it). Hope you get the marks sorted.

thank you for your comments on mine too Mags - very valuable :)

margaret said...

Cranes are intriguing "found objects" - I keep passing a yard full of "cherry picker" cranes and can't resist photographing them each time. There's something about their awkward angles....