Tuesday 5 February 2008

TIF February - First Thoughts

TIF February Palette
Indigo 2 Forms (detail )

When I first looked at the concept and colour scheme for this months TIF challenge , I initially thought 'Yippee' as they're colours I've worked with a lot recently, printing on indigo dyed fabric . But then I started thinking that it was hardly in the spirit of 'Taking it Further' if I already use those colours anyway! Think harder.

Its been interesting looking at other people thoughts on the question 'what are you old enough to remember' - some have been very literal, others wanting to be more abstract.
I've been thinking a lot about my childhood recently in any case as on Friday we had all our furniture, goods and books (from 2x 2bedroom flats) delivered to our new(ish) house after 3 years in storage. An emotional as well as physically tiring time. Among the furniture are some Victorian pieces that I inherited from my parents including an original 'Windsor' chair with arms. This lived in the porch at home and I have vivid memories of tipping it upside down and using it as a hiding place or den. I am considering taking photos from the 'adult' viewpoint looking at it conventionally and the 'child's' viewpoint from underneath and combining the images in Photoshop using the methods I've developed for my 'Henry Moore' pieces. Perhaps it should be titled ' When I was small enough.....' . Quite how I'm going to take the child's eyeview is a challenge in itself.

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Helen Ann said...

I think this is a really interesting idea. If your camera has a timer delay and your tripod isn't to heavy you can use it as a stick to hold the camera in odd places.
You have to kind of guess at the image you might get but if you take enough shots......