Saturday 9 February 2008

When I was Small Enough.....

I've been experimenting with photos and Photoshop on the theme for TIF February 'what are you old enough to remember?' When I was a child I used this Victorian Windsor Chair upside down as a den or hiding place, graduating when a little older to a more sophisticated hideaway in combination with a wooden clothes horse. I took photos from various angles from an adult and childs perspective (above and beneath) then applied various filters aand combined them in layers , altering the opacity

The image below is a combination of photos with filter 'neon glow' applied and images above combined in layers with opacity approximately 50/50

The following images had filter 'cutout' applied to simplify the images then varying degrees of opacity of 'childs' prespective




60% with colour saturation increased
Although altering opacity in Photoshop gives an indication of how physical layers might work, I think I'm going to return to previous studies in layering images printed on organza over images printed on cotton. This gives a subtler (and more 3d ) effect as can slightly offset the images.
I was just thinking what a difference being able to observe the Henry Moore sculptures at RBGKew has made to my thinking. I've been used to interpreting paintings and sketches - observing and interpreting 3D sculptures has been far more challenging. And exciting!


Unknown said...

this is so exciting, your concept of the changing points of view, and how lovely that you still have the chair you played under as a child. I admire your skill with Photoshop - looking forward to seeing the fabric studies

Jude said...

This is my first visit to your blog, but it definitely won't be my last! I found you from the TIF Challenge. Thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring blog.

Magpie Sue said...

What a wonderful and unique approach to this challenge!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

I love what you've done with photoshop.

Maya Sara Matthew said...
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