Thursday 16 June 2011

DO/DON'T Sketchbook?

 I know it's only advertising for cars, in a prime position for the M4 elevated section, but this clever statement at the end of my road, seen every day on the way to work certainly gets me thinking.
About the negatives bound up in positives (and vice versa). About how you never see 'to don't' lists but how often we work from them. About the things that hold you back.
 At a more prosaic level , I've been thinking about  how  to incorporate it into the next block of journal quilts based on text. I have lots of photos and bits of peeled posters from the  hoardings on the Great West Road - perhaps now is the time to think about using them.

 I've been preparing lots of colour catchers with inkaid to go through the printer - following up some of the ideas I included the 'Sketchbook Project' My pages have been digitised and I'm wondering whether to join in the Sketchbook  Project 2012 - it's coming to London after all. 

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