Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Peeling Posters on the Golden Mile

No, not Blackpool or other exotic places but the Great West Road in Brentford. Apparently.
While there has been a huge investment and development of the 'Great West Quarter'(below) the poor ex Alfa Laval building at the end of our road is swathed in green printed fabric depicting a jewel of Art Deco architecture pending acceptance of numerous proposals for its use. In the mean time the building is a huge poster site beside the M4.
On my journey home a few weeks ago I was struck by the juxtaposition of the peeling posters on the fence around the site perimeter with its flashy modern counterpart (particularly as it depicted Japan- "Fly Emirates to Tokyo")

There must have been layer upon layer of posters which someone had decided needed all to come off , leaving amazing textures and remnants of colour.
A week later a lot of it was gone but there still quite a few large flappy bits that didn't take too much tugging to peel off....
I now have a stash pending scanning, manipulation, incorporation into something, replicating in fabric. Who knows?!

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margaret said...

Looking forward to seeing what becomes of those papers!