Friday 30 April 2010

Brilliant Birthday in York

Just back from a few days in York for my birthday based around giving a gallery talk at the Quilt Museum . The train journey of only 2 hours passed quickly. I've discovered the perfect travel sewing - preparing shibori for dyeing with very large needle and stitches. Even better on the return journey thanks to Sue and present of Empress Mills 'Teddy Bear Thread' which was a bit thicker. I was consulting Anne Maile's 1963 Tie and Dye book - for all the plethora of books around, this oldie has great diagrams and instructions and is a handy travel size ( my second-hand copy also has dye stains in various places -truly a manual to consult rather than a coffee-table book)
Ian was also reading... a military history book(what a surprise)
On our arrival , the first thing we saw was the daffodils and cherry trees in full bloom around the city walls - spectacular.
I had a very warm welcome at the Quilt Museum, such a wonderful setting for both traditional and contemporary quilts. During our stay we spent most of our time looking around York Minster (more about that in another post) and exploring the 'snickelways' between some memorable meals at Rustique(twice!), Ate O clock, Meltons Too, and Cafe No 8 with Alistair and Maggie joining us for dinner- lovely to see them. The Rhubarb and custard pavlova with rhubarb and custard ice cream was to die for - having seen it on the menu , I knew I had to budget my appetite with no starter and it was worth it!

I also had to honour my part of the birthday bargain in visiting a military museum ( as Ian had gone to QuiltFest for his birthday) Wasn't too bad ( I made some quite intelligent comments apparently) and as a reward Ian bought me this millifiori necklace spotted through the window of 'Monkey Puzzle' on our evening perambulations. What a sweetie (and Ian's not bad either!)


The WestCountryBuddha said...

That rhubarb pavlova looks gorgeous! I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday, although giving a talk would have been more of a nightmare for me. Congratulations anyway x

neki desu said...

lovely everything:trip, dinner,necklace, husband.
to many more like that.

Sandra Wyman said...

And just to add - it was an excellent talk as well! (sorry couldn't get through the crowds surrounding you at the end to say cheerio properly). Certainly gave me lots to think about...

Gillian Cooper said...

A belated happy birthday - that rhubarb dessert looks stunning!Hope you are having a great birthday weekend