Tuesday, 4 January 2011

In The Studio: Sketchbook 75%

As I'd hoped, the festive season was a productive creative time for me even if I didn't achieve all I set out to.
I spent at least some time in the studio every day and  while Ian was back at work between Xmas and New Year, worked hard myself , putting in 7 or 8 hour days with no interruptions apart from lunch watching 'Just William' and  'Wallace and Gromit'!! Even then I was snipping bits out of newspapers for paper lamination (although I didn't get round to doing any as I'd hoped). Ian was a bit disappointed the 'Weir' didn't get a look in but I did some practising with my new quilting machine producing 2 small quilts for a challenge. My main emphasis  with iminent deadline looming was to get stuck into my 'Inside/Outside' sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project. It only took a day for my table (and most of the room) to be overwhelmed with art materials and bits of fabric  - it took rather longer to do the artwork but I'm 75% there.

Now I know I should have started it ages ago (but that's me and deadlines!!) but having decided to summarise my year with a double page spread for each month, it's been a useful reflective process , working out what was important for me showing  indoors and outsdoors activities and thinking how to rerepresent it. I'd  already changed the horrid moleskine paper for coloured khadi papers - never used these before so that was a challenge in itself. Some months were action-packed -it was difficult to choose from several exciting things in August while at the opposite extreme, goodness knows what I did in October !

I don't really go  for New Year resolutions (athough Ian and I have pencilled in several weekends  walking on Box Hill to get the most out of Crete in April ) However  I like the idea of doing a similar sketchbook for 2011 but do it 'properly' throughout the year


Lorie McCown said...

love your posting, and I can especially appreciate your studio shot! my sort of space. xo

Bonnie Hull said...

I like your work and your fierce concentration...