Saturday, 29 January 2011

Rebinding Blue-Green Algae ?

 I've been taking photos of some of my older quilts  to include in my website , also to review candidates for a space I've got at work next to my desk. Surprisingly I haven't got too many  quilts that are plant related but I  used images from  books in Kew's library for these 'Blue-Green Algae' quilts from 1997. I entered them joined together for a quilt show  at the time and had them on my wall in my previous flat  but they've been separated for a while now - and stuck in a drawer.

 I love the hand quilting on these, all in silk buttonhole thread my mum bought at an NW Branch Embroiderers Guild sales table  - don't think I'd have the patience now. But the binding lets them down now - I've got so much better at it . So do I rebind them using the methods I use now ( I  prefer to use a facing on the back) or let them stand as evidence of the stage I had reached  at that time?


Barbara said...

These rae just beautiful ... thank you for sharing them!
Very best wishes,

sandra wyman said...

I'd be inclined to redo the binding - the middle is so beautiful it's worth getting right (though my normal pattern would be to move on, in this instance I'd make an exception!)

Bonnie Hull said...

These are very beautiful...I think the binding "means something" (?) in your progress and wouldn't redo if I were you...