Thursday 20 January 2011

Suitcase Collections

I realised that I'd forgotten to post picture of the final quilt for CQ  'Childhood Memories' Suitcase Collection although I wrote about in its earlier stages   I wasn't that inspired by the theme and I think that shows - it's not a great piece of work but it's good to be challenged now and again!  You might get a false impression of my childhood in the 60's and 70's as most of the photos from that time  are black and white . In fact it was very colourful (think of all those day-glo and flourescent colour combinations!). So I used a piece of vintage charity shop fabric as backing and stitched from the back with flourescent threads following the wild patterns

By coincidence I also used stitching from the back in my previous suitcase challenge quilt 'Figure it Out ', in this case following the patterns of an aboriginal screen printed fabric I bought in Australia . Rather more successful even if it was eraly days for my acrylic painting technique.
"Inspired by Australian aboriginal rock paintings of Arnhemland, particularly the spirit figures ’Mimis'. The act of painting is considered more important than the finished picture which results in layers of paint and patterns, where individual shapes are initially  difficult  to recognise .

Front constructed from ‘shot’ silks in blue green and orange ( colours of rock), turned at 90 degrees  to reflect light differently.  Screen printed fabric produced by the Injalak is used on the back. The ‘Mimis’ are  outlined by machine quilting from the back following printed figures then contour quilted. Acrylic paint in ochres applied by sponge over stencils of handprints. "

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Pheasant Run Studio said...

The "suitcase quilt" looks amazing. Wish I could see the real thing. Maybe you didn't feel it but inspiration came from somewhere.