Sunday, 23 January 2011

Silk Paper

 Another stimulating Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt session on Saturday. An interesting talk from artist Gabrielle Forshaw in the morning, discussion about our potential pieces for Slough Museum exhibition at lunchtime followed by a workshop with Vicki Chambers on working in 3d with silk fibres.
 Made silk paper (or laminations) using cocoon strippings which as they contain seracin, only need water and ironing between baking  parchment.  Draping over a mould such as a plastic cup makes  interesting structures. I was so taken with the simplicity of it ( and its potential to make translucent slightly stiff fabrics for my Taplow Vase project)  that I ordered online from George Weil before I went to bed! 
 A contrast to the other , bit more complex method (bit like feltmaking)  using silk hankies and fibres with CMC to stick it together which I had a go with in a mini workshop at Knit and Stitch in 2005 (and got incorporated into a Journal Quilt)
With a similar texture and lustre, a piece of birch bark found on our walk today.

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margaret said...

Thanks for the link to George Weil - I went right there and bought some cocoon strippings and one or two othe necessities as well....