Thursday 1 May 2014

Across the foot of Mount Oxa

 On May day there were indeed people collecting flowers and making wreaths and having picnics involving serious barbecues involving constructions of rocks. Got chatting to a lady with her family who had travelled to Elounda from Iraklion. That was later in the day near the saltpans. Earlier we'd set off on a walk around the foot of Mounta Oxa which dominates the town.

 Walls, insects and birds along with lots of sage and even some more orchids (stopped taking photos after a while just enjoyed spotting the odd splash of pink )
 Amazing views down to Elounda and even a crumbly door,

 Looking up to Mount oxa there ws a circling large bird of prey, looking the other way there  were views of Spinalonga and the saltpans
 Back in Elounda hungry and thirsty we went to 'Theo' where Ian finally had his snails cooked with rosemaryt ( and a lesson involving various instuments of extraction)
In the evening a final visit to Lotus Eaters where they'd saved some smoked aubergine and chocolate and rosemary tart for us . A day of memories to bank . 

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Julie said...

Your holiday looks perfect, what a beautiful place.