Tuesday 13 May 2014

Peeling Portals and Kew Petition

After relaxing break in Elounda, work is currently taking all my creative energy - planning experiments after finding my funding applications for bryophyte conservation were successful  in   tough times - 40 other projects didn't get funding. Not a huge amount of money and only for a year but everything helps.
Very worrying  times at Kew at the moment,  125 jobs to go, until the  new science strategy is in place I don't know whether my job is secure and whatever happens , things will be very different. I worry that in chasing other funding sources we'll no longer be able to do the conservation work  we're known for.
So sign the petition,  ( overseas supporters can do so too, ) and if you're in the UK, ask your MP  to support the Early Day Motion
Meanwhile, inspired by some of the wonderful peeling Cretan doors, I've returned to finishing off some WIPs ( Works-in-Progress) completing quilting and cutting back through the  laminated organza of 'Peeling Portals', companion piece to ' Every Wall is a Door'. I missed the deadline for  Sandown Quilt show - at 24 inches square  it's  too small for entry in other  competitions.  Maybe next year!  Just needs binding and sleeve putting on now.


Jo Vandermey said...

The colours are stunning. You have captured the essence of your inspiration. Great work.

Sorry to hear about the struggles at your work. Here in Canada we face the same things in the research and science world. Hard to get funding for all kinds of projects conservation, agriculture etc. Hope things improve.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Goodness, this is an impressive piece. Such a good use of photo to abstraction and an interesting technique as well. Just beautiful with hidden bits upon close inspection.

Heather said...

That is one gorgeous piece! I'll be happy to sign the petition, too, and keep my fingers crossed for you.

Maggi said...

I had no idea what was going on at Kew. I have signed.

Love this work and 24" is the minimum size for Harrogate so why not give it an outing there?

Texture Trail said...

Beautiful work. The colours are stunning.
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