Friday 30 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monoprinting

I had a creative time over the bank  this weekend with Ian being down at his parents - not getting showered and dressed until lunch time with being so absorbed in my playtime.  Only trouble  was settling on one thing  after months of not really doing anything, my mind  whirring with possibilities.  I ended up working on 4 design boards ,some monoprinting using selectasine printing inks,and 3 journal quilts.
After my monoprinting experience in Crete, we bought a 'balcony dryer'  which doubles as a print drying rack. It's a while since I've used the selectasine inks - I'd forgotten how concentrated the pigments are and it's a bit more fiddly to use than acrylics but worth it for the slower drying times and the retention of marks.
Marks with wood graining tool
Marks from roller 

Various brush marks 

The acetate sheet afterwards! Unlike acrylics this is now permanently stained .
Checking on the prints on the rack also involved looking round the garden - lots of bees fighting over the perennial cornflowers!

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