Tuesday 4 August 2015

Ecodyeing at FoQ:Day 1

Day 1 with Brunhilde at FoQ got off to a slow start as we were kitted out with high vis vests and, read the h&s instructions( it's a building site at the moment) but we soon picked up speed. After she unrolled a piece she'd done earlier (and we oohed and aahed) we dug straight in with a piece of fabric prepared with mordant of copper and iron,wrapped it tightly around tube with silk thread , steamed for 15 mins then unrolled and admired

 I'd brought plants from our garden both fresh and dried in herbarium plant press. The last minute collection of bamboo worked particularly well

 But it was the yellow of the Macleaya microcarpa (plume poppy) that  I liked best especially after an additional ' hocus pocus' dip in iron sulphate.
 Then after preparing wool with eucalyptus (to be revealed tomorrow) we prepared a roll using just iron mordanted fabric. Combination of Cotinus  (smoke bush) and onion skins was just magic.

I'm already hooked!!!

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