Thursday 6 August 2015

Ecodyeing at FoQ:Day2

 After lying awake with my head whirring with ideas, then some hunter gathering of further leaf materials, our second day ecodyeing in the virtual studio started with the unwrapping of our wool etamine and eucalyptus bundles. What wonderful orange marks without a mordant -I set up another larger version overnight. Then an introduction to overdyeing with natural dyes: logwood, Kutch, cochineal, pomegranate, before launching into making up mordants and working with our own fabrics.

 My first piece was a large loosely woven silk scarf, in iron and copper mordant : bundle above before and after steaming.
 Loved the results, the Macleaya once again yielding fantastic yellows .

 Iron mordant on linen, (above) with a combination of onion skins and rose, maple and Cotinus leaves, gave a lovely rich overall pattern - forgot to take photos in the excitement  of unwrapping!
 Then finishing on a high with similar selection of leaves and onion skins, this time on silk chiffon with iron and copper mordant.


Gill said...

Wow! I tried to get on to this but I was too late!
Looking forward to seeing more - have fun!!

Leah Higgins said...

Love how it gives transluscent effects!