Monday 10 August 2015

FoQ purchases

I seemed to spend most of Friday and Saturday at FoQ talking!! Lovely to catch up with so many people, friends old and new.  I did manage to squeeze in seeing a  few quilts ( subject of another post)  and a bit of shopping. Beautiful  basket and 7 FQ's of green batiks  from the African Fabric Shop; large piece of green fabric from Jo Lovelock and 2 scrap bags from Lesley Morgan; books , cotton organdie and inkjet cotton sheets from Art Van Go; threads from Wonderfil and Mulberry silks; old linen tablecloths from Margaret Fox;  yet another kantha scarf from Pappu Mama  and a very old disintegrating  bit of  stitching from John  Gillow (  with 1/2 hour putting the world to rights!)

Yesterday was spent catching up with washing of clothes and a bit of scrumping of apples before the parakeets get them all ( v nice apple crumble last night). Today I've been rinsing and washing my ecoprinted treasures , taking photos beforehand to  check how much colour they loose - looks like surprisingly little so far.

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