Friday 11 November 2016

Quilts on Display this Weekend

  This weekend I will have  at least 10 of my quilts on show at  2 different venues within Europe!
International Threads  ' Challenges' will be  in Munich  from 11.11 to 3.12.  Besides the 7 that have already toured  to several shows  I sent 2  new ones to Uta last week  which have arrived safely and will be used to refresh the collection and retire some pieces.   
'Signs and Symbols'


Then at the West Country Quilt and Textile Show  in Bristol, Cwilt  Cymru's exhibition on the theme 'Cynefin'    will be shown for the first time . Ian and I are travelling there on Saturday to help steward. And if that wasn't enough, my quilt 'Eroding Margins'  ( below)   will also be there as part of CQ 'On The Edge'  exhibition.  I've not been before but it looks like  it should be an interesting show,  with contemporary quilts well represented.  
All 5 of the quilts shown above were made this year - pretty good going considering   our move and Ian's op .

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The Idaho Beauty said...

You've done good work here and it must be gratifying to have it out on display. I salute you! Moving is such a major disruption, equally so health issues be they your own or of someone close. You've weathered it well and still produced lovely & thought provoking pieces. Enjoy the exhibit.