Saturday 31 December 2016

2016 CQ Journal Quilts

 My    Contemporary Quilt 2016 Journal quilts (  8 x 10 inches with requisite small piece of purple, green and orange)  are a mixed bag to say the least!! The earlier hand stitched collages inspired by my surroundings and  experiments for larger projects are the best .The later ones, mainly machine stitched  samples from workshops/ art classes  were rushed and my heart wasn't really in them.
The main  factor ( apart from the 2 months around Ian's op when life went on hold) is  using postcard size 4 x 6 inch pieces for my experimental ' fabric sketches' rather than the JQ format.  It started with  a challenge on the facebook group ' sketchbooks and experiments for textiles'  and then I found they were the perfect size for stitching on the train !
I've made 38 of them so far  and am using them  to explore ideas for new work.
The blog posts I intended to write  will have to wait!
Wishing everyone a  Peaceful, Creative, Healthy, Happy New Year!!

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