Monday 14 April 2008


When I looked at my email and blog on returning from Cambridge, I was really chuffed to find that I'd been nominated for a couple of awards by fellow bloggers - the Arte y Pico from Anne Wigfall and Annabel Rainbow and the Thinking Blogger Award from 'Love Fibre'. Thanks very much - it's rather flattering. I must say though that I feel a bit uncomfortable about passing them on as you are supposed to - chain letters and allied schemes always stop with me and these feel similar (if benign). I suppose it's one method of creating more links but there's other ways of doing it. What I most appreciate are the insightful comments that people leave ( there should be an award for that !) I've made lots of new contacts through the 'Take it Further Challenge' following up comments which has opened up new areas. I also try to regularly update the list of blogs that I read ( makes it easier for me to find them too) but try to keep it short as those lists that go on forever can sometimes include all kinds of irrelevant stuff. But please don't feel offended if you're not on the list- I'll probably have you bookmarked!

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West Country Buddha said...

It's so lovely to get an award and I was chuffed to bits when Anne nominated me, and glad you don't mind me nominating you too. I agree about the passing on of these things and feel slightly uncomfortable about it. Never quite know what to do without offending anyone, and hoped my posting with simple links was a good solution.