Sunday 27 April 2008

Qualities of Paint

For my 'official birthday' (it's actually tomorrow) we had lunch at Savoir Faire ( horrified to realise we hadn't been since before Xmas) and a visit to see the Peter Doig exhibition at Tate Britain (thought it was going to be the last day but it's been extended until 11 May). Olga in her blog has already described very well the tactile, textile characteristics of many of the pieces. Besides these, what particularly struck me was the different qualities of the paint, from impasto and lumps, to dribbles, splatters and translucent washes.
Some of my favourites : in Room 1 'Hitch Hiker' which was painted on postal bags, the lettering still showing through; the sketches and and studies in room 5; the 'black curtain' in room 8. You could see the brush marks in the white translucent paint- such a sense of committment, no going back or removing it if it went horribly wrong but that sense of freshness and danger in all his work. Lots to think about.
Off to 'Rainbow Silk' tomorrow for a freehand screenprinting course.

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